In December of 2000, All American Games™ announced its existence to the nation by producing the first ever national high school all-star football game – the All-American Bowl.   Sixteen years later as we now annually engage more than 15,000 athletes and marching band members, more than 150,000 spectators, and more than 4.3 million television viewers, All American Games™ is the nation’s premier youth and prep sports marketing company dedicated to the goal of helping the next generation of young people succeed in sport, and life.

We are deeply appreciative to the more than 100,000 athletes and marching band members, and their parents, who over these past sixteen years have participated in an All American Games™ event confident that it will be an enriching experience that will help them in their lives.  Whether by participating in the All-American Bowl, the Football University National Championship or by attending a Football University football camp, their trust and faith in our commitment to them is humbling and makes us work to do ever better on their behalf.

The All American Games Team – from employee Teammates, both current and past, to the coaches to the trainers to the volunteers, all have contributed, and continue to contribute on a daily basis, to helping the next generation of young people succeed.  Motivated by this common goal, their talents and efforts truly make our events special.

Finally, many, many individuals and companies have helped us achieve All American Games™ premier status, but in particular we want to recognize the U.S. Army, and the thousands of men and women with whom we have worked, for sixteen years of a truly wonderful partnership.  These men and women have helped the AAG team build out the country’s premier high school sporting event – the U.S. Army All-American Bowl that has been televised nationally on NBC for thirteen years.  Our Team awakens every morning knowing we are blessed to be able to help, in a small way, our Army achieve its mission and we are continually thankful for the service of the men and women who serve our nation.

We are excited as we look to the future and continue to strive to fulfill our goal and move All American Games™ ahead.

Douglas Berman